StudyInsured™ - Imagining the Future of Education
I was tasked with imagining a university campus after and during the effects of COVID-19 and the way classrooms and school architectures would have to change for a safer environment. My team and I included elements such as increased spacing indoors, outdoor bubbles, medical kiosks and automated libraries.
A choose-your-own-adventure games, featuring real-life situations with real-world problems. 
I created the following characters in Illustrator for each game level with the head developer's instructions.
TDSB Islamic History Month 2018 - Edmojis
These avatars were custom illustrated for each of the guests, staff, performers at the Islamic History Month launch event, as well as featured Muslim community personalities from their IHM 2018 poster.
TDSB Islamic History Month 2020 - You Are Not a Drop In the Ocean
The 2020 theme for Islamic History Month was about collective action by students of all backgrounds to ensure a safe and healthy society in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. I illustrated these students to reflect the diversity in the student body at Toronto District School Board. 
Mariam and Waqas - Wedding Illustration
One of my friend's creative ideas for her wedding was an illustration of her and and her husband on their guest board for people to sign. We did not know what the dress would look like until the day of (except for some fabric samples and comparative online references) so a lot of this dress was guesswork. It was a good design exercise and turned out closer to the real thing than I thought it would. 
Ramadan Sunrise
A personal illustration
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